About the RTE Conference

Our History

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia organised the first conference on real-time data analysis in October, 2001. The aim was to bring together researchers doing real-time data analysis on topics related to macroeconomics, forecasting, and monetary policy. The conference focused on five topics: (1) data revisions; (2) forecasting; (3) policy analysis; (4) financial research; and (5) macroeconomic research. For each topic, researchers presented one or two papers that use real-time data. Dean Croushore and Tom Stark presented their (at the time) working paper A Real-Time Data Set for Macroeconomists: Does the Data Vintage Matter, introducing Philadelphia Fed’s Real Time Data Set for Macroeconomists (RTDSM).

Since 2005, the real-time economics conference has been taking place annually. Information about past meetings.

The committee of the RTE Conference is composed of four members: Dean Croushore, Domenico Giannone, Shaun P. Vahey and Simon van Norden.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

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